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The Legacy of Famdale

A game of marginalization

The ‘civilized’ world revolves around the Empire of Gaoland. Other states exist on the borders of the Empire, but all look to Gaoland; some in fear, some in admiration, some in grudging respect. But what happens on the edges of the Empire, where law fades and people trade the protection of Imperial rule for the chance to live life on their terms? One need only ask the residents of Famdale or its northern neighbor, Hyson. These two frontier towns, technically within the bounds of the Empire of Gaoland, but far removed from Imperial influence, exist in what most consider a no-man’s land where only the crazy, anti-social, or criminal would live. The residents of these two towns would disagree with that assessment. But with non-human barbarians to the south, the Sea of Grass and its restless hordes of nomadic horsemen to the west, and the uncertain threat of the forest-dwelling elves to the north, how does anyone make a living without an Imperial legion or two to protect them?

It is here, on the frontier, that a small group of adventurous souls will come together and face trials whose effects will shake the Empire, and perhaps the known world.

The campaign starts in Famdale, an isolated settlement on the edge of an empire where people live simple lives of their choosing. Though most Imperials would deny it, important trade flows through Famdale, one of the few places where it is possible to find Ranataar goods, livestock from the Sea of Grass, and where the nomadic Rovers are openly welcome to hawk the wares from their far-ranging travels.

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